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Established in 1993, Children’s House Montessori School of Burlington, NC is celebrating 25 years of creating a peaceful and nurturing environment where children thrive as independent, capable and joyful learners. Children’s House is warm and welcoming environment where many lifelong friends have been sprouted. Our charming school campus is a storybook setting complete with a sweet little schoolhouse nestled on a hilltop – truly a wonderful place to be!

A Montessori classroom is a very calm, peaceful and orderly place where children know what to expect. The order and predictability enhance focus in learning as students build independence. self-confidence, school readiness and responsibility. The Montessori Method reveals the small child as a lover of work – intellectual work and practical work – spontaneously chosen and carried out with purpose.  

Our students accomplish challenging and meaningful work through engaging with the carefully prepared Montessori classroom. Students achieve mastery through repetition of using learning materials. once they master different materials, then they advance in the learning sequence and build on what they know. 

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” She developed this remarkable method of learning a century before the term ‘brain-based education’ appeared, and the Montessori Method has stood the test of time as the original brain-based education. Modern day neuroscientists say that Montessori is the most ideal education for brain development,  

At Children’s House, we believe that developing integrity is equally as important as developing intellect.  Today’s children will inherit an exciting future where it is vital they are well-equipped with sharp critical thinking skills, able to apply the principles of integrity, logic and reason to solve complex problems.

As we celebrate 25 years of service, our focus is still on the young child in the highly ‘absorbent’ years – 2 years old through 2nd grade. Our commitment is stronger than ever to bring the best in early childhood education for building a strong and sturdy foundation for a lifelong love of learning. It is an honor to serve the Burlington community, and we welcome all families at Children’s House Montessori School!


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to light the flame of learning that will guide children to their fullest potential and a lifetime of growth. 


of the Montessori  Method

1-  Coordination, concentration, order, independence are the foundation of learning.
2 – Repetition in learning leads to mastery in learning.
3 – Freely chosen activities are more engaging to the child, and improve learning.
4 – Extrinsic rewards will hinder intrinsic motivation.
5 – The classroom is carefully prepared to meet the child’s developmental needs.
6 – Learning materials are beautifully designed.
7 – Optimal teacher-child interactions are quiet and calming.
8 – Children thrive with freedom within an environment that provides order.
9 – Movement and learning are intertwined.
10 – Children need meaningful, purposeful work.


When you find the right school, you just know it!                                  

Children’s House is now enrolling children from two through five years, and we look forward to exploring how our school can accommodate the needs of your family.

We welcome and embrace diversity in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.  

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