Enrollment & Tuition Information


                                              ENROLLMENT AND TUITION INFORMATION 

  We are delighted to share the wonderful Montessori Method with your family!
Our enrollment process allows you to make sure that Children’s House Montessori School is the right fit for your child. 


  All enrollment is currently done with physical enrollment forms, which can be found with the links below. 




SCHEDULE A TOUR by calling the school at (336) 228-0908.

 For more information, please email [email protected]



  January – May 2019 School Year  –  January tuition is due before a child can start attending school.


There is a new student $100 registration fee due per child upon enrollment. Registration for returning students will be $25 due on September 1st.

  Supply Fee:
A School Supply fee of $100 per child is due on September 1st of each school year.

  Sibling Discount:
There is a sibling discount of 15% for the second child and consecutive children thereafter, discounted on the lowest tuition rate.

  Tuition Rates:
All tuition rates shown are for January – June 2019. Tuition is paid monthly, and is due by the 5th of every month.
Currently, we are using a secure PayPal payment processor, and physical checks.

  Full Day: Pick-up is anytime between 12:45pm and 5:45pm.
  ½ Day: Pick-up is at 11:30am.
  ½ Day Modified: Pick-up is at 12:30pm (after lunch).

  Preparation/Toddler Classroom (2 – 3 year olds): 
Full Day: $740 monthly
½ Day until 11:30am: $ 470 monthly
½ Day until 12:30am: $ 500 monthly

  Primary Classroom (3 and 4 year olds):
Full Day: $725 monthly
½ Day until 11:30pm: $450 monthly
½ Day until 12:30pm: $470 monthly

  Kindergarten level students from the Primary class have a school day of 8:30am-2:30pm, and tuition is $575 monthly.
Full day for kindergarten, which includes care before and after school, is $730 monthly.

 Preparation/Toddler Classroom has 18 students in the lovely Hilltop Hall. The Preparation Room is designed for two – three years old and/or potty
training students. The Preparation classroom tuition remains in effect until the child physically moves to the Primary Classroom and has reached the 3rd year birthday.

 Primary Classroom students are three to six years old in a mixed level classroom. The Primary classroom is in the beautiful new building, Hilltop Hall.

 Kindergarten Students are those who would qualify to attend kindergarten in the public school setting.

Late Pick-Up Fees are as follows:
5:50pm-5:59pm = $10;
6:00-6:14 pm= $20;
6:15pm-6:30pm = $30.
Late fee is paid directly to the teacher that stayed late with the child.All fees are non-refundable